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Is there a list somewhere of people who are on twitter or use it for city of heroes?
I am looking for people who:

Tweet about the game in general
Play on Virtue
Are members of LJ or friends of the site and are on the global channel

Mine is arkieboy72472. I am also @doc brietz online and arkieboy/medic_brietz on the forums also.
I am just looking to join and talk with other people.

BTW, it is snowing like MAD crazy here in colorado springs! Yippie!
lin, blake


I am new to Lj.
I hope to have a few friends soon as I figure this thing out. more later!
(sorry if this post is redundant. i am still a LJ noob!)
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lin, blake


Be easy on me. I have read the CoH LJ page forever. Now I am a member and hope to share the love of my current crush, CoH.
Send me some love!

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